2009-04-07 Andre NollRename hook_status enum.
2009-04-07 Andre NollMerge branch 'master' into rm_hook
2009-04-07 Andre Nollcom_create: Abort if pre-create hook fails.
2009-04-07 Andre NollAdd pre-remove and post-remove hooks to dss.ggo.
2009-04-07 Andre NollRename rm_pid to remove_pid.
2009-04-07 Andre NollMerge branch 'master' into rm_hook
2009-03-30 Andre NollMerge commit 'meins/master'
2009-03-30 Andre NollFix the pre-create hook.
2009-03-22 Andre NollClarify usage of --rsync-option.
2009-03-16 Andre NollMerge commit 'fml/master'
2009-03-16 Andre NollBump version number to 0.1.2.
2009-03-16 Andre NollIntroduce the snapshot removal status.
2009-03-16 Andre NollTrivial typo fix.
2009-03-16 Andre NollUse only one global variable for snapshot creation...
2009-03-13 Andre NollMerge commit 'meins/master'
2009-03-13 Andre NollMerge commit 'fml/master'
2009-03-05 Andre NollInclude the reason why a snapshot gets removed in the... v0.1.2
2009-03-05 Andre NollNever remove the snapshot that is currently being created.
2009-02-11 Andre NollMerge commit 'fml/master'
2009-02-02 Andre NollMerge commit 'stark/master'
2009-02-02 Andre NollInvalidate all rsync options on SIGHUP.
2009-01-31 Sebastian Starkfix post_create_hook: really pass full path to last...
2008-12-23 Andre NollMerge commit 'fml/master'
2008-12-11 Andre NollAdd some comments to compute_next_snapshot_time().
2008-12-08 Andre NollMerge commit 'sio/master'
2008-12-08 Andre NollFix check when to use rsync locally.
2008-12-01 Andre NollFix a typo in README.
2008-11-22 Andre NollINSTALL: Mention "make man".
2008-11-16 Andre NollClarify the --keep-redundant option.
2008-11-12 Andre Nolldss-0.1.1. v0.1.1
2008-11-06 Andre NollPrevent busy loops on rsync exit code 13.
2008-11-06 Andre NollIgnore any snapshot directory with creation time >...
2008-10-22 Sebastian Starkuse C99-compliant format strings for consistency reasons
2008-10-22 Sebastian Starkopen /dev/null for reading AND writing when executing
2008-10-22 Sebastian Starkshow human readable snapshot creation duration when...
2008-07-07 Andre NollAdd dss.1 and dss.1.html to .gitignore.
2008-07-07 Andre NollRestart the rsync process if it returned with exit...
2008-05-21 Andre NollFix the exit hook.
2008-05-16 Andre NollOffer a direct link to the automatically generated...
2008-05-14 Sebastian StarkNAME section for manpage
2008-05-14 Sebastian Starkadd SEE ALSO section to manpage
2008-05-14 Andre Nolldss-0.1.0. v0.1.0
2008-05-14 Andre Nollsnap.c: Add missing include to make it compile on FreeBSD.
2008-05-14 Andre NollNetBSD Compile fixes.
2008-05-13 Andre NollFix paths and URLs, improve INSTALL text.
2008-05-12 Andre NollINSTALL: Fix a typo.
2008-05-12 Andre NollREADME, INSTALL improvements.
2008-05-12 Andre NollImplement exit-hooks.
2008-05-12 Andre NollClarify documentation of --run.
2008-05-12 Andre NollAdd new option --keep-redundant.
2008-05-12 Andre NollFix the math in the description of the unit interval.
2008-05-12 Andre NollClarify the difference between outdated and redundant...
2008-05-12 Andre NollAdd section "Commands" to dss help text.
2008-05-12 Andre Nollindex.html.in: Remove Link to top of the page.
2008-05-12 Andre NollAdd web page stuff.
2008-05-12 Andre NollAdd INSTALL -- installation and usage notes.
2008-05-12 Andre Nolldss.c: Remove obsolete TODO item.
2008-05-12 Andre NollMinor help text improvements/fixes.
2008-05-12 Andre NollAdd GPL headers and COPYING file.
2008-04-24 Andre Nolldss-0.0.5. v0.0.5
2008-04-24 Andre NollFix return value of try_to_free_disk_space().
2008-04-24 Andre NollLoglevel adjustments.
2008-04-17 rootFix select timeout.
2008-04-14 rootMerge commit 'fml/master'
2008-04-14 Andre Nolldss.c: Sleep at most 60 seconds.
2008-03-31 rootMerge commit 'remotes/fml/master'
2008-03-31 Andre NollKill --exclude-patterns option.
2008-03-28 rootMerge commit 'remotes/fml/master'
2008-03-28 Andre NollFix a serious bug in deamon mode.
2008-03-27 Andre Nolldss.ggo: Disable inode monitoring by default.
2008-03-27 rootRemove some useless stuff from gcc-compat.h
2008-03-27 Andre NollPrint config errors.
2008-03-22 Andre Nolldss-0.0.4. v0.0.4
2008-03-22 Andre NollAlso check for free inodes and start snapshot removal...
2008-03-22 Andre NollAdd special rule to make cmdline.o.
2008-03-22 Andre NollMakefile: Replace dependencies on cmdline.h by Makefile.
2008-03-22 Andre NollMakefile: The linker does not need CPPFLAGS.
2008-03-22 Andre Nollstring.c: Include stdio instead of cmdline.h.
2008-03-22 Andre NollAdd more source code documentation.
2008-03-22 Andre Nolldss.c: Make functions and global variables static.
2008-03-22 Andre NollMove snapshot helpers to new file snap.[ch].
2008-03-22 Andre NollKill unused dss_error_txt.
2008-03-22 Andre NollMove log_disk_space() to df.c.
2008-03-22 Andre NollKill struct edge_snapshot_data.
2008-03-22 Andre NollGet rid of make_err_msg() and log_err_msg().
2008-03-22 Andre NollMakefile: use --detailed-help to produce the man page.
2008-03-22 Andre Nolldss.c: Add some more documentation.
2008-03-21 Andre Nolldss.ggo: Minor documentation improvements.
2008-03-21 Andre NollImplement pre-create and post-create hooks.
2008-03-21 Andre NollFix wait_pro_process().
2008-03-21 Andre NollDon't check for required options when parsing the comma...
2008-03-20 Andre NollMerge commit 'remotes/meins/master'
2008-03-20 Andre Nolldss.ggo: Clarify --daemon help text.
2008-03-19 Andre NollImplement SIGHUP handling.
2008-03-19 Andre Nolldss.ggo: Fix a typo.
2008-03-19 Sebastian Starkfix some typos in the documentation, make some options...
2008-03-18 Andre Nolldss-0.0.3. v0.0.3
2008-03-18 Andre NollREADME: Match reality: There's no more daemon command.
2008-03-18 Andre Nolldss.c: Various small improvements and fixes.
2008-03-18 Andre NollMakefile: Use -include instead of include.