[paraslash.git] / gui.ggo
1 section "general options"
2 option "auto_decode" a "auto-decode audio stream" flag on
3 option "config_file" c "(default='~/.paraslash/gui.conf')" string typestr="filename" optional
4 option "loglevel" l "set loglevel (0-6)" int typestr="level" default="4" optional
5 option "timeout" t "set timeout" int typestr="milliseconds" default="30" optional
6 option "stat_cmd" s "command to read server and audiod status data from" string typestr="command" default="para_audioc -t 100 stat" optional
8 section "mapping keys to commands"
9 option "key_map" k "Map key k to command c using mode m. Mode may be d, x or p for display, external and paraslash commands, respectively. Of course, this option may be given multiple times, one for each key mapping." string typestr="k:m:c" optional multiple