do not check for malloc.h
[paraslash.git] / aacdec.c
2006-06-10 Andreaacdec: Introduce error_count
2006-05-29 Andreaacdec: detect buffer overrun and return an errror.
2006-05-29 AndreMerge branch 'sched'
2006-05-25 Andreintroduce input_eof and ouput_eof
2006-05-25 Andreconvert para_filter to the new scheduler
2006-05-24 Andrerename struct filter_chain_info to filter_chain
2006-05-13 AndreMinor aac cleanup
2006-05-13 Andreaac: add GPL headers to all files
2006-05-13 Andreaac: make find_stco() return the first offset
2006-05-13 AndreSome more aacdec cleanups
2006-05-13 Andreaacdec: Rename some functions
2006-05-13 Andreaacdec: "consumed" is only used in mp4dec()
2006-05-13 Andreaacdec: inbuf and inbuf_len are only used in mp3dec()
2006-05-13 Andreaacdec: no need to read the offset table.
2006-05-13 AndreFirst version of the aac audio format handler that...
2006-05-12 AndreFirst draft of the aac audio format handler
2006-05-12 AndreMerge branch 'master' into aac
2006-05-10 AndreMerge branch 'master' into aac
2006-05-10 Andreignore zero bit when checking for frame start
2006-05-09 AndreMerge branch 'master' into aac
2006-05-09 Andreaacdec: Do not try to feed invalid buffers to libfaad
2006-05-08 AndreMerge branch 'master' into aac
2006-05-06 AndreMerge branch 'master' into aac
2006-05-06 Andreaacdec: Try do decode raw packets if header was not...
2006-05-05 AndreAdd M. Bakker to CREDITS
2006-05-05 Andreaacdec: Fix some signedness issues
2006-05-05 AndreMerge branch 'master' into aac
2006-05-04 Andreaacdec: kill some dead code
2006-05-04 Andreaacdec: raise min buffer size to 1000 bytes.
2006-05-04 AndreFirst workable version of the aac decoder