2023-10-28 Andre NollMerge topic branch t/ls-L into master master
2023-10-21 Andre NollMerge topic branch t/afs-select into master
2023-10-15 Andre NollMerge topic branch t/afs-ls-a into master
2023-08-06 Andre NollMerge topic branch t/fd into master
2023-07-05 Andre Nollserver: Fix memory leak at exit.
2023-06-20 Andre Nollafs: Really fix memory leak in mood_load().
2023-06-18 Andre NollMerge branch 'maint'
2023-06-18 Andre Nollafs: Fix memory leak in mood_load().
2023-06-18 Andre Nollplaylist: Fix error handling of playlist_load().
2023-06-18 Andre Nollserver: Fix NULL pointer dereference in com_ls().
2023-06-14 Andre Nollaudiod_command: Remove dump_stat_client_list().
2023-06-14 Andre Nolltest-lib: Write error output to stderr.
2023-06-14 Andre Nollserver: Add missing newline in select -v error output.
2023-05-30 Andre Nollaudiod: Fix error checking in init_default_filters(). maint
2023-05-15 Andre Nollserver: Implement ls --limit.
2023-05-15 Andre Nollserver: Implement select -verbose.
2023-05-15 Andre NollDeprecate openssl-1.0.
2023-05-14 Andre Nollcrypt: Deprecate PEM keys.
2023-05-14 Andre Nollclient: Fix has_feature().
2023-05-12 Andre Nollafs: Fix memory leak in mood_load().
2023-05-12 Andre NollImplement ls --admissible=m/foo.
2023-05-11 Andre NollMerge branch 'maint'
2023-05-11 Andre Nollgcrypt: Fix return value of apc_get_pubkey().
2023-05-10 Andre Nollafs: Improve error message in init_admissible_files().
2023-05-10 Andre Nolltest-lib: Fix typo in comment.
2023-05-09 Andre Nollerror.h: Be more careful with error code masking.
2023-05-09 Andre Nollmp3_afh: Drop unused fields from struct mp3header.
2023-05-07 Andre Nollfd: Simplify and move for_each_file_in_dir().
2023-05-07 Andre Nollfd.c: Improve error checking of para_mkdir().
2023-05-07 Andre Nollfd: Revamp para_mkdir().
2023-05-07 Andre Nollfd: Improve read_pattern(), rename it to read_and_compa...
2023-05-07 Andre Nollfd: Remove log message from para_munmap().
2023-05-07 Andre Nollfd: Open-code para_chdir().
2023-03-26 Andre Nollfd: Remove file_exists().
2023-03-26 Andre Nollfd: Improve documentation of xwritev().
2023-03-26 Andre Nollfd: Improve documentation of write_all().
2023-03-26 Andre Nollfd: Improve documentation of write_va_buffer().
2023-03-11 Andre NollConsolidate EOF error codes.
2023-03-11 Andre Nollsched: Improve error diagnostics.
2023-03-11 Andre Nollserver: Improve error diagnostics of com_select().
2023-03-11 Andre Nollgui: Improve loglevel message.
2023-03-11 Andre Nollbuild: Activate warnings and LTO on *BSD.
2023-03-11 Andre NollAdd two new tests for para_server.
2023-03-08 Andre Nollparaslash 0.7.2 v0.7.2
2023-02-20 Andre NollManually tweak Doxyfile to squash warnings.
2023-02-20 Andre NollUpdate DOXYFILE.
2023-02-20 Andre Nollaft: Always copy and compare full hash value.
2023-02-20 Andre Nollserver: Don't save bogus chunk table for aac files.
2023-02-12 Andre NollFix memory leak in para_play().
2023-02-12 Andre NollPara_play: Improve doxygen global description.
2023-02-12 Andre NollMerge branch 'maint'
2023-01-25 Andre Nollserver: ls -l=c: Don't print chunk table in case of...
2023-01-24 Andre Nollserver: Fix ls -l=c.
2023-01-17 Andre NollMerge topic branch t/ff-compat into master
2023-01-09 Andre Nollaudiod_command.c: Dedox stat_item_valid().
2023-01-09 Andre NollBump copyright year to 2023.
2022-12-01 Andre NollMerge topic branch t/openssl-3 into master
2022-11-25 Andre NollMerge branch 'maint'
2022-11-25 Andre Nollserver: Fix race condition in com_stat().
2022-11-25 Andre Nollserver: Avoid deadlock in daemon_log().
2022-11-22 Andre Nollafs.h: Improve documentation of typedefs.
2022-11-20 Andre NollMerge topic branch t/afs-cleanups into master
2022-11-19 Andre Nollvss: Streamline and dedox documentation of vss_send().
2022-11-16 Andre NollMerge topic branch t/mixer into master
2022-11-14 Andre NollMerge branch 'maint'
2022-11-14 Andre NollMerge tags 'v0.5.9' and 'v0.6.4' into maint
2022-11-09 Andre NollDoxyfile: Remove GNUC definitions.
2022-11-08 Andre NollExclude status items and error list from doxygen.
2022-11-07 Andre NollMerge topic branch t/net into master
2022-10-29 Andre Nollopenssl: Switch to evp API for sha1 and sha256.
2022-10-29 Andre Nollopenssl: Deactivate openssl-3 warnings for now.
2022-10-24 Andre Nollgui: Allow for 4-digit image IDs on 80-character terminals.
2022-10-24 Andre Nollmood: Fix compute_score().
2022-10-18 Andre Nollserver: Remove compatibility code of com_ff().
2022-10-17 Andre NollIntroduce afs_error().
2022-10-17 Andre Nollafs.c: Move com_select() and its callback down.
2022-10-17 Andre NollRename mood_switch(), mood_close(), playlist_{open...
2022-10-17 Andre NollAssume that score_open() and score_clear() always succeed.
2022-10-17 Andre Nollplaylist.c: Rename playlist_info -> playlist_instance.
2022-10-17 Andre Nollmood.c: Rename struct mood to mood_instance.
2022-10-17 Andre Nollafs.c: Rename ->handler of struct callback_query to...
2022-10-17 Andre NollSimplify and improve activate_mood_or_playlist().
2022-10-17 Andre Nollafs: Replace ->init of afs tables by table operations.
2022-10-17 Andre NollMerge load_playlist() into playlist_open() and simplify.
2022-10-17 Andre NollSimplify row_belongs_to_score_table().
2022-10-17 Andre NollRemove mood.h.
2022-10-17 Andre NollClean up and rename change_current_mood().
2022-10-17 Andre Nollmood.c: Simplify and rename load_mood().
2022-10-17 Andre Nollmood.c: Move struct statistics into struct mood.
2022-10-17 Andre Nollafs.c: Improve activate_mood_or_playlist().
2022-10-17 Andre NollImprove playlist_open().
2022-10-17 Andre Nollblob.c: Don't initialize table pointer in table->init().
2022-10-17 Andre Nollblob: Constify name argument of blob_get_def_by_name().
2022-10-17 Andre NollRename admissible_file_loop() -> score_loop().
2022-10-17 Andre NollRemove get_num_admissible_files().
2022-10-17 Andre NollDeclare {was,is}_admissible as bools.
2022-10-17 Andre Nollscore.c: Remove event handler.
2022-10-17 Andre Nollscore.c: Merge score_add into score_update().
2022-10-17 Andre Nollmood.c: Remove pointless check in reload_current_mood().
2022-10-17 Andre Nollmood.c: Remove row_is_admissible().