Introduce para_sigaction().
[paraslash.git] / afs.cmd
2009-02-10 Andre NollMerge commit 'fml/master'
2009-02-09 Andre NollMerge commit 'meins/master'
2009-02-04 Andre Nollafs.cmd: Add documentation of ls -lc.
2008-07-07 Andre NollMerge commit 'meins/master'
2008-07-06 Andre NollAdd more documentation about the amplification value.
2008-07-06 Andre NollTeach the touch command about amplification.
2008-03-17 Andre NollMerge commit 'remotes/meins/master'
2008-03-14 Andre NollMerge commit 'remotes/meins/master'
2008-03-13 Andre NollFix documentation of select command.
2007-12-28 Andre NollFix typo in the help text of the ls command.
2007-10-25 Andre NollSmall cleanups and documentation improvements.
2007-10-24 Andre Nollafs.cmd: cosmetics.
2007-10-24 Andre Nollafs.cmd: Improve description of blob commands.
2007-10-23 Andre NollImplement com_select().
2007-10-23 Andre NollRename afs_ls and afs_rm to ls and rm.
2007-10-22 Andre NollSwitch to the new afs.
2007-10-18 Andre NollImplement afs events.
2007-10-06 Andre Nollafs.cmd: Beautify help texts.
2007-10-02 Andre NollImplement com_cpsi().
2007-10-02 Andre NollMerge commit 'remotes/meins/v0.3' into v0.3
2007-10-01 Andre NollImplement add -a (add all audio files).
2007-09-29 Andre Nollafs.cmd: Fix typo in setatt help.
2007-09-28 Andre NollStill more typo fixes.
2007-09-28 Andre Nollafs.cmd: Update help output.
2007-09-28 Andre NollImplement pattern matching for com_lsatt().
2007-09-27 Andre NollImplement pattern matching for com_touch().
2007-09-27 Andre Nollcom_afs_rm(): Implement pattern matching and add -v...
2007-09-24 Andre Nollafs.cmd: Add documentation of the remaining commands.
2007-09-23 Andre Nollafs.cmd: Add documentation of all blob commands.
2007-09-23 Andre NollImplement check command.
2007-09-22 Andre Nollafs.cmd: Add documentation of addatt, touch.
2007-09-15 Andre NollSome documentation fixes.
2007-09-15 Andre Nollafs.cmd: Add documentation for lsatt.
2007-09-14 Andre Nollafs.cmd: Add documentation of com_afs_ls.
2007-09-10 Andre NollFix two typos in documentation.
2007-09-09 Andre NollChange the type of the argv argument of all commands.
2007-09-09 Andre NollAdd documentation for com_add().
2007-09-09 Andre NollAdd afs.cmd.