trivial format string fix in dccp_send
[paraslash.git] / fd.c
2006-06-28 Andrefix some doxygen warnings
2006-06-23 Andrefix gcc warnings on shadowed declarations
2006-06-13 Andremark all fds used for select() as non-blocking
2006-06-04 Andreadd some debugging to fd.c
2006-05-13 AndreKill duplicate para_fread()
2006-04-15 AndreRename MIN, MAX, ABS macros
2006-04-08 Andrefurther header cleanup
2006-04-08 Andrenew function: set_stream_fds()
2006-04-07 Andresmall header cleanup
2006-04-07 AndreAdd documentation for para_select() and mark_fd_nonblock()
2006-04-07 Andreintroduce mark_fd_nonblock()
2006-04-07 Andreintroduce para_select()
2006-04-07 AndreNew source files: fd.c/fd.h