aac audio format handler: fix end of file timeout
[paraslash.git] / mp3.c
2006-05-14 Andrestruct audio_format_handler: use proper pointer type...
2006-05-13 Andrerandom/mysql selector: make it find m4a files
2006-05-13 AndreRename struct audio format to audio_format_handler
2006-05-13 AndreKill duplicate para_fread()
2006-04-16 Andrefix more struct timeval related warnings
2006-04-15 Andregcc-compat.h: rename __unused to __a_unused
2006-04-03 Andremp3: Increase eof timeout
2006-03-26 Andreuse const qualifiers where possible
2006-02-27 Andreno need to include gcc-compat.h twice
2006-02-20 Andreinitial git commit