improved info status items for the playlist selector
[paraslash.git] / ogg.c
2006-05-13 Andrerandom/mysql selector: make it find m4a files
2006-05-13 AndreRename struct audio format to audio_format_handler
2006-04-15 AndreRename MIN, MAX, ABS macros
2006-03-11 AndreMerge branch 'dccp'
2006-03-10 Andreogg.c: don't use ogg_int64_t
2006-03-09 AndreMerge branch 'no_colon_separators'
2006-03-07 AndreMerge branch 'xf_64_compile_warning_fixes'
2006-03-07 Andreogg.c: use %z modifier
2006-02-20 Andreinitial git commit