upd_send.c: Use write_nonblock() rather than write_all().
[paraslash.git] / osl_core.h
2009-01-10 Andre NollChange year of copyright from 2008 to 2009.
2009-01-09 Andre NollMerge commit 'meins/master'
2008-12-01 Andre NollMerge commit 'meins/next'
2008-11-30 Andre NollInclude portable_io.h only when needed.
2008-02-17 Andre Nollosl_core: Fix some typos in documentation.
2008-02-09 Andre Nollosl_core.h: Replace static inline by _static_inline_.
2008-01-20 Andre NollKill two unnecessary return statements.
2008-01-08 Andre NollChange year in Copyright comment from 2007 to 2008.
2007-12-15 Andre NollMore error cleanups.
2007-09-15 Andre Nollosl: Rename struct row.id to row.num.
2007-09-15 Andre NollRename osl index entry stuff.
2007-09-08 Andre NollFix some signedness warnings.
2007-09-08 Andre NollMerge the new afs code.