2010-01-12 Andre NollMore oggdec cleanups.
2010-01-12 Andre NollKill unused struct filter_callbacks.
2010-01-12 Andre NollKill global close_filters().
2010-01-12 Andre NollKill filter->convert.
2010-01-12 Andre NollKill unused filter_post_select().
2010-01-12 Andre Nollmp3dec: Kill non-btr code.
2010-01-12 Andre Nollaacdec: Kill non-btr code.
2010-01-12 Andre Nolloggdec: Kill non-btr code.
2010-01-12 Andre Nollprebuffer: Use new sched helper functions.
2010-01-12 Andre NollPrebuffer: Kill non-btr code.
2010-01-12 Andre Nollwmadec: Kill non-btr code.
2010-01-12 Andre NollFecdec: Kill non-btr code.
2010-01-12 Andre Nollfilter: Print meaningful error message if no filter...
2010-01-12 Andre Nollamp: Kill non-btr code.
2010-01-12 Andre Nollwav_filter: Kill non-btr code.
2010-01-12 Andre Nollcompress: Kill non-btr code.
2010-01-12 Andre Nollfilter: Remove non-btr code.
2010-01-12 Andre Nollaudiod.h: Remove unused slot_info->fc.
2010-01-12 Andre Nollvss: Fix offset handling.
2010-01-12 Andre Nollaudiod: Fix a bug in try_to_close_slot() for default...
2010-01-11 Andre Nollaudiod: Don't open the receiver too early.
2010-01-11 Andre Nollaudiod _close_filters(): Don't segfault if fn is NULL.
2010-01-11 Andre Nollaudiod: Make writer_cleanup() accept NULL pointer argument.
2010-01-11 Andre Nollaudiod: Fix time string.
2010-01-11 Andre Nollaudiod: Timing fixes.
2010-01-11 Andre Nolludp_recv: Loglevel adjustments.
2010-01-11 Andre Nollsched: Add some helper functions.
2010-01-10 Andre Noll[btr] Export btr_pool_size().
2010-01-10 Andre Nollgrab: Implement -n option to specify the name of the...
2010-01-10 Andre NollAdd E_STDIN_OVERRUN error code.
2010-01-10 Andre Nollstdout: Try to write as much as possible in one go.
2010-01-10 Andre Nollstdin: Use buffer pools.
2010-01-10 Andre Noll[btr]: Avoid large memcpy()s when creating the wrap...
2010-01-10 Andre NollMajor grab_client cleanups.
2010-01-10 Andre NollFix stream grabbing.
2010-01-10 Andre Nollbtr_node_status(): Do not segfault if btrn is NULL.
2010-01-09 Andre NollMinor logging and documentation updates.
2010-01-09 Andre NollAdd btr pool support to the fecdec filter.
2010-01-09 Andre Nolludp_recv: Use buffer pool API.
2010-01-09 Andre NollImplement buffer tree pool support.
2010-01-09 Andre Nollaudiod: Kill noisy debug message.
2010-01-09 Andre Nollmp3dec: Improve error message.
2010-01-09 Andre Nolloggdec fixes.
2010-01-08 Andre Nollamp filter fixes.
2010-01-06 Andre NollSwitch audiod over to the buffer tree API.
2010-01-06 Andre Nollvss: Update offset directly when setting the REPOS...
2010-01-06 Andre Nollsched.h: Explicitely mention size of task status buffer.
2010-01-06 Andre Nollsched: Update "now" also after post_select.
2010-01-06 Andre Nolloggdec: Move init into a separate function.
2010-01-06 Andre Nollaacdec: Reset "consumed" at each iteration.
2010-01-05 Andre Nollbtr support for the fecdec filter.
2010-01-05 Andre NollFix a bug in the compress filter in case of odd buffer...
2010-01-05 Andre Nollfilter: Fix a memory leak in non-btr mode.
2010-01-05 Andre Nollstdin: Always set t->error correctly.
2010-01-05 Andre Nollbtr support for the UDP receiver.
2010-01-05 Andre NollIntroduce generic_recv_pre_select().
2010-01-05 Andre Nollrecv improvements.
2010-01-05 Andre Noll[btr] Add the node type parameter to btr_node_status().
2010-01-05 Andre Nollbtr support for the oss writer.
2010-01-05 Andre Nollpara_write: Make loglevel work again.
2010-01-05 Andre Nollfile writer pre_select() fixes.
2010-01-05 Andre Nollalsa: Use new get_btr_* functions.
2010-01-05 Andre NollAdd get_btr_samplerate() and get_btr_channels().
2010-01-05 Andre Nollwmadec: Reset converted on each iteration.
2010-01-05 Andre Noll[btr] Split btr_del_node() into two functions.
2010-01-05 Andre NollIntroduce btr_node_status() and add btr support to...
2010-01-04 Andre NollAlsa improvement and fixes.
2010-01-04 Andre NollIntroduce prepare_writer_node().
2010-01-04 Andre Nollamp filter improvements.
2010-01-04 Andre Nollstdin: Increase buffer size.
2010-01-04 Andre NollAdd btr support for the compress filter.
2010-01-03 Andre Nollbtr_add_output(): Fix memory leak in case node has...
2010-01-03 Andre Nollgeneric_filter_pre_select(): Fix off-by-one.
2010-01-03 Andre NollAdd btr support for the amp filter.
2010-01-03 Andre Noll[btr:] Add btr_log_tree().
2010-01-03 Andre NollIntroduce and use generic_filter_pre_select().
2010-01-03 Andre NollSimplify prepare_filter_node().
2010-01-03 Andre NollIntroduce filter_node->min_iqs.
2010-01-03 Andre Noll[btr:] Rename btr_merge().
2010-01-03 Andre NollConsolidate decoder code by introducing prepare_filter_...
2010-01-02 Andre Nollbtr support for the wmadec filter.
2010-01-02 Andre Noll[btr]: Add btr_merge_to().
2010-01-02 Andre NollAdd buffer tree support for the aacdec filter.
2009-12-31 Andre Nollwrite_common: Introduce and use setup_writer_node().
2009-12-31 Andre Nollalsa: Kill unnecessary -B option.
2009-12-31 Andre Nollwrite.c: Fix cut'n'paste typo.
2009-12-31 Andre NollAdd btr support to the oggdec filter.
2009-12-31 Andre Nollbtr: Fix a silly warning.
2009-12-31 Andre Nollalsa: Defer asking for samplerate/channels until alsa...
2009-12-31 Andre Nollwrite: Parse command line options also in btr mode.
2009-12-31 Andre NollAdd execute handler to struct writer.
2009-12-31 Andre Nollalsa: Close writer in post_select() on errors/eof.
2009-12-31 Andre Nollbtr support for the prebuffer filter.
2009-12-31 Andre Nollbtr_slice_out_node() cleanup.
2009-12-31 Andre NollAdd btr support for the wav filter.
2009-12-31 Andre Nollfilter: Make btr mode understand command line options.
2009-12-31 Andre Nollstdout: Misc cleanups.
2009-12-31 Andre Nollmp3dec: Fix EOF condition.
2009-12-31 Andre Nollbuffer tree: Fix btr_splice_out_node().
2009-12-31 Andre NollAdd execute support to mp3dec filter.