2007-10-23 Andre Nollremove README.mysql.
2007-10-23 Andre NollREADME/INSTALL/FEATURES cleanup.
2007-10-23 Andre NollMark some unused variables as such.
2007-10-23 Andre Nollplaylist.c: Remove an unused variable.
2007-10-23 Andre Remove unused PICDIR.
2007-10-23 Andre NollRemove moew unused stuff.
2007-10-23 Andre NollAdd error2.h to .gitignore.
2007-10-23 Andre NollAdd missing afh_common.c.
2007-10-23 Andre NollRemove para_sdl_gui, para_slider, para_krell.
2007-10-23 Andre NollChange dbinfo1 stat item and use it from afs.
2007-10-23 Andre Nollaft.c: Kill somce dead code.
2007-10-23 Andre Nollmood.c: Use activate_mood_or_playlist() also to switch...
2007-10-23 Andre Nollcommand.c: Trivial documentation cleanups.
2007-10-23 Andre NollMake pass_afd() static.
2007-10-23 Andre Nollafs: Fix a fd leak.
2007-10-23 Andre NollImplement com_select().
2007-10-23 Andre Nollmood.c: Add missing initialization of mood_name.
2007-10-23 Andre NollKill code for loading the first available playlist.
2007-10-23 Andre NollKill loading of first available mood.
2007-10-23 Andre NollRename afs_ls and afs_rm to ls and rm.
2007-10-23 Andre Fix some silly typos.
2007-10-23 Andre NollRemove para_dbadm.
2007-10-23 Andre NollRemove old audio file selector code.
2007-10-22 Andre NollRemove users of the old audio file selector code.
2007-10-22 Andre Nollvss.c: Kill unused int audio_file.
2007-10-22 Andre NollMove afh_init() call from vss.c to server.c.
2007-10-22 Andre NollMove common audio format handler functions to new afh_c...
2007-10-22 Andre Nollvss.c: Isolate afh_init().
2007-10-22 Andre Nollvss.c: Use audio_format_name() where possible.
2007-10-22 Andre Nollvss.c: Kill an unused variable.
2007-10-22 Andre Nollvss.c: Small simplifications.
2007-10-22 Andre NollFix off-by-one bug in chunktable saving.
2007-10-22 Andre NollChange chunktable array type from size_t to uint32_t.
2007-10-22 Andre Nollvss.c: Remove some unused code.
2007-10-22 Andre NollSwitch to the new afs.
2007-10-21 Andre NollMove mmap_full_file from osl.c to fd.c.
2007-10-21 Andre Nollaft.c: Remove special case code for playlist mode.
2007-10-21 Andre NollAdd 3 byte reserved space to the afs info.
2007-10-21 Andre Nollaft: Add missing add event.
2007-10-21 Andre NollComplete afs event handling.
2007-10-18 Andre NollImplement afs events.
2007-10-13 Andre NollReplace struct table_info by struct afs_table.
2007-10-11 Andre NollRefuse to add invalid attibute names.
2007-10-11 Andre Nollfd.c: Remove unused label change_to_orig_dir.
2007-10-11 Andre NollMerge commit 'remotes/fml/v0.3' into v0.3
2007-10-11 Andre NollAdd --gc-sections to LDFLAGS.
2007-10-10 Andre NollGet rid of E_WAITPID.
2007-10-10 Andre NollGet rid of E_SIGNAL_PIPE.
2007-10-10 Andre Nollfd.c: Cosmetics.
2007-10-10 Andre NollGet rid of E_FCHDIR.
2007-10-10 Andre NollGet rid of E_OPENDIR.
2007-10-10 Andre Nollpara_select(): Return a proper error code on errors.
2007-10-09 Andre NollRemove some system errors from errno.h
2007-10-09 Andre NollGet rid of -E_F_GETFL and -E_F_SETFL.
2007-10-09 Andre Nollerror.h: Add more helper macros.
2007-10-08 Andre Noll.ico Version of the fancy new logo.
2007-10-07 Andre Nollerror.h: Make PARA_STRERROR understand system errors.
2007-10-07 Andre Nollerror.h: Remove some unused errors.
2007-10-07 Andre NollOnly declare error codes that are safe to use.
2007-10-06 Andre NollINSTALL: Update to v0.3.
2007-10-06 Andre Nollmood.c: Fix comment for the scoring function.
2007-10-06 Andre NollAdd more documentation.
2007-10-06 Andre Fix man page format.
2007-10-06 Andre Nollafs.cmd: Beautify help texts.
2007-10-06 Andre Nollcom_add(): Write messages to the client rather than...
2007-10-05 Andre Nollafs: Handle SIGHUP.
2007-10-05 Andre Nollcom_add(): Only accept absolute paths.
2007-10-05 Andre Nollosx_write.c: Add two missing headers.
2007-10-05 Andre NollSwitch from inet_aton() to inet_pton().
2007-10-05 Andre NollMake it compile on Solaris.
2007-10-04 Andre NollREADME: Mention dependence on gnu make.
2007-10-04 Andre NollFEATURES: Update.
2007-10-04 Andre Nollaudioc: Get rid of the temporary socket file.
2007-10-04 Andre Nollafs.c: Remove some dead code.
2007-10-04 Andre NollAdd command line options --mood and --playlist.
2007-10-04 Andre Nollafs.c: Introduce client list for afs (fixes dosable...
2007-10-02 Andre NollMake it compile on FreeBSD.
2007-10-02 Andre Nollgcc-compat.h: Remove compatibility code for gcc-2.
2007-10-02 Andre Nollfsck.c: Fix several bugs in dump mode.
2007-10-02 Andre NollImplement com_cpsi().
2007-10-02 Andre NollMerge commit 'remotes/meins/v0.3' into v0.3
2007-10-01 Andre Nollcom_add(): Always check the return value of send_va_buf...
2007-10-01 Andre Nollfor_each_file_in_dir(): Ignore permission errors for...
2007-10-01 Andre Nollerror.h: Add CHDIR_PERM error code.
2007-10-01 Andre Nollfd.h: Add declaration of para_chdir().
2007-10-01 Andre Nollfd.c: Introduce para_chdir().
2007-10-01 Andre NollImplement add -a (add all audio files).
2007-10-01 Andre Nollmood.c: Remove debug log message.
2007-09-30 Andre NollImplement mailbox output format for ls.
2007-09-29 Andre Nollmood.c: Introduce DEFINE_MOOD_METHOD and DEFINE_MOOD_ME...
2007-09-29 Andre Nollattribute.c: Fix com_rmatt().
2007-09-29 Andre Nollcom_ls: Don't use FNM_PATHNAME.
2007-09-29 Andre Nollafs.cmd: Fix typo in setatt help.
2007-09-29 Andre Nollattribute.c: Clear attribute bits already at remove...
2007-09-29 Andre Nollmood.c: Add no_attributes_set mood method.
2007-09-29 Andre NollSpeed up mood loading.
2007-09-29 Andre Nollmood.c: Switch to fnmatch() in mood method name_like.
2007-09-28 Andre Nollgrab_client.c: Change doxygen comments to the new style.
2007-09-28 Andre NollEven more typo fixes.
2007-09-28 Andre NollStill more typo fixes.