gui: Check return value of para_exec_cmdline_pid().
[paraslash.git] / audiod.cmd
1 OF: audiod_command_list
2 SF: audiod_command.c
3 HC: prototypes for the audiod command handlers
4 CC: array of audiod commands
5 AT: audiod_command
6 IN: list para sched audiod
7 SN: list of audiod commands
8 ---
9 N: cycle
10 D: switch to next mode
11 U: cycle
12 H: on -> standby -> off -> on
13 ---
14 N: grab
15 D: grab the audio stream
16 L:
17 U: -- grab [-m[{s|p|a}]] [-p=PARENT] [-n=NAME] [-o]
18 H:
19 H: grab ('splice') the audio stream at any position in the buffer
20 H: tree and send that data back to the client.
21 H:
22 H: Options:
23 H:
24 H: -m Change grab mode. Defaults to sloppy grab if not given.
25 H:
26 H: -ms: sloppy grab
27 H:
28 H: -mp: pedantic grab
29 H:
30 H: -ma: aggressive grab
31 H:
32 H: The various grab modes only differ in what happens if the
33 H: file descriptor to write the grabbed audio data to is not
34 H: ready for writing (i.e. would block). Sloppy mode ignores
35 H: the write, pedantic mode aborts and aggressive mode tries
36 H: to write anyway.
37 H:
38 H: -p Grab output of node PARENT of the buffer tree.
39 H:
40 H: -n Name of the new buffer tree node. Defaults to 'grab'.
41 H:
42 H: -o One-shot mode: Stop grabbing if audio file changes.
43 ---
44 N: help
45 D: display command list or help for given command
46 U: help [command]
47 H: When I was younger, so much younger than today, I never needed anybody's help
48 H: in any way. But now these days are gone, I'm not so self assured. Now I find
49 H: I've changed my mind and opened up the doors.
50 H: -- Beatles: Help
51 ---
52 N: off
53 D: deactivate para_audiod
54 U: off
55 H: Close connection to para_server and stop all decoders.
56 ---
57 N: on
58 D: activate para_audiod
59 U: on
60 H: Establish connection to para_server, retrieve para_server's current status. If
61 H: playing, start corresponding decoder. Otherwise stop all decoders.
62 ---
63 N: sb
64 D: enter standby mode
65 U: sb
66 H: Stop all decoders but leave connection to para_server open.
67 ---
68 N: stat
69 D: print status information
70 U: stat [-p] [item1 ...]
71 H: Dump given status items (all if none given) to stdout. If -p is given, use
72 H: parser-friendly mode.
73 ---
74 N: tasks
75 D: list current tasks
76 U: tasks
77 H: print the list of task ids together with the status of each task
78 ---
79 N: term
80 D: terminate audiod
81 U: term
82 H: Stop all decoders, shut down connection to para_server and exit.