README: Mention the name of some debian packages
[paraslash.git] / filter.ggo
1 option "loglevel" l "set loglevel (0-6)" int typestr="level" default="4" no
2 option "filter" f "Specify filter.
4 May be given multiple times to 'pipe' the stream
5 through arbitrary many filters in an efficient
6 way. The same filter may appear more than once,
7 order matters.
9 Filter options may be specified for each '-f'
10 option separately. Insinde these options ':'
11 must be used as the separator instead of white
12 space. Example:
14 -f compress:--anticlip:--volume:2
15 "
16 string typestr="filter_spec" no multiple
18 option "list_filters" L "print list of available filters and exit" flag off