Use symbolic names for loglevels and clean up the ggo mess.
[paraslash.git] / ggo / user.m4
1 <qu>
2 option "user" u
3 #~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
4 "run as the given user"
5 string typestr="name"
6 optional
7 details="
8 </qu>CURRENT_PROGRAM<qu> does not need any special privileges.
10 If started as root (EUID == 0) this option must
11 be given at the command line (not in the configuration
12 file) so that </qu>CURRENT_PROGRAM<qu> can drop the root
13 privileges right after parsing the command line options,
14 but before parsing the configuration file. In this case,
15 real/effective/saved UID are all set to the UID of 'name'. As
16 the configuration file is read afterwards, those options that
17 have a default value depending on the UID (e.g. the directory
18 for the configuration file) are computed by using the uid of
19 'name'. This option has no effect if </qu>CURRENT_PROGRAM<qu>
20 is started as a non-root user (i.e. EUID != 0).
21 " </qu>