README: Mention the name of some debian packages
[paraslash.git] / sdl_gui.ggo
1 # file sample1.ggo
2 option "fullscreen" f "Use fullscreeen mode" flag off
3 option "interactive" i "Activate interactive mode" flag off
4 option "width" x "Specify screen width" int typestr="pixels" default="1024" no
5 option "height" y "Specify screen height" int typestr="pixels" default="768" no
6 option "config_file" c "(default='~/.paraslash/sdl_gui.conf')" string typestr="filename" no
7 option "window-id" w "(currently ignored)" string typestr="filename" no
8 option "stat_cmd" s "command to read server and audiod status data from" string typestr="command" default="para_audioc -t 100 stat" no
9 option "pic_cmd" p "command to read pic from" string typestr="command" default="para_client pic" no