Move send_buffer() and send_va_buffer() from net.c to fd.c.
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1 <h1>License</h1>
2 <hr>
4 <p> Paraslash is licensed under the <a
5 href="">GNU
6 General Public License, Version 2</a>, which is generally just
7 abbreviated as the GPL license, or just the GPL.</p>
9 <p> Check out the <a
10 href="">GPL
11 License Quiz</a> or take a look at the <a
12 href="">Frequently Asked
13 Questions about the GNU GPL</a>. </p>
15 <p> As of this writing (June 2007) the author
16 does not see any benefits in switching to the new <a
17 href=""> version 3 of the
18 GPL</a> just released. However, this may change once version 3 becomes
19 widely used.</p>