gui: Check return value of para_exec_cmdline_pid().
[paraslash.git] / gcrypt.c
2012-03-05 Andre NollMerge branch 't/audioc_cleanups'
2012-02-26 Andre NollMerge branch 't/mmap_sanity'
2012-02-18 Andre NollMerge branch 't/write_consolidation'
2012-01-20 Andre NollRename write_nonblock() to xwrite().
2012-01-20 Andre Nollsc_send_bin_buffer: Use write_nonblock() rather than...
2012-01-20 Andre Nollfd: Make write_all() receive the length by value.
2012-01-10 Andre NollMerge branch 't/web_fix'
2012-01-07 Andre NollChange year in copyright message to 2012.
2011-12-24 Andre NollMerge remote-tracking branch 's/master'
2011-12-18 Andre NollAlways include stdbool.h.
2011-08-13 Andre NollMerge branch 't/smaller_tarball'
2011-08-13 Andre NollMerge branch 't/timing_improvements'
2011-08-13 Andre NollMerge branch 't/sched_improvements'
2011-08-07 Andre Nollgcrypt: Check return value of unpad_oaep().
2011-08-07 Andre Nollgcrypt: Fix return value of pad_oaep().
2011-08-07 Andre NollMerge branch 't/crypto'
2011-08-05 Andre Nollgcrypt: Return key size in bytes.
2011-07-06 Andre Nollgcrypt: Optionally use internal OAEP padding.
2011-07-06 Andre Nollgcrypt: Use GCRYMPI_FMT_USG for gcry_sexp_nth_mpi().
2011-07-06 Andre NollAdd alternative crypto implementation.
2011-07-06 Andre NollAdd configure checks and stubs for gcrypt support.