2023-11-07 Andre NollMerge topic branch t/static into pu pu
2023-11-07 Andre NollFix flag option parsing bug in config file parser.
2023-11-07 Andre NollFix typo in config file test program.
2023-11-07 Andre NollDon't print invalid line numbers in error messages.
2023-11-07 Andre NollMakefile: Include Makefile.local if it exists.
2023-11-07 Andre NollAdd target to create a static library.
2023-07-02 Andre Nolllopsub-1.0.4 master v1.0.4
2023-06-28 Andre Nolllls_parse_arg(): Avoid NULL pointer dereference.
2023-06-28 Andre NollImprove error message of lls_check_arg_count().
2023-06-28 Andre NollFix documentation of [introduction] and [conclusion].
2023-06-27 Vagrant CascadianMakefile: Add -ffile-prefix-map to CC to avoid embeddin...
2021-05-09 Andre NollMerge branch 't/build-improvements'
2021-04-28 Andre Nollbuild: Error out on implicit function declarations.
2021-04-28 Andre Nollbuild: Improve handling of compiler options.
2021-04-28 Andre Nollbuild: Activate .DELETE_ON_ERROR.
2021-04-28 Andre Nollbuild: Bail out early if m4 or lex don't exist.
2021-04-26 Andre Nollbuild: Remove duplicate -g in cc command.
2020-07-07 Andre Nollbuild: Avoid "html" rule with empty recipe.
2020-07-07 Andre NollFix build target www.
2019-12-12 Andre NollFix three typos.
2019-12-02 Chris LambMake the build reproducible.
2019-07-13 Andre Nolllopsub-1.0.3-2
2019-07-13 Andre NollMakefile: Get rid of superfluous '+' character in date.
2019-07-12 Chris Lamblsg.c: Make the output of lopsubgen reproducible.
2019-06-05 Chris LambDon't embed compile-time timestamps into generated...
2019-05-19 Andre Nolllopsub 1.0.3 v1.0.3
2019-05-17 Andre NollMerge branches 't/debian', 't/dynamic-lib', 't/lls_chec...
2019-05-11 Andre NollAdd NEWS file containing release notes.
2019-05-11 Andre NollAdd infrastructure to build debian packages.
2019-05-11 Andre Nolllopsub.7: Avoid the term "all-permissive license".
2019-04-22 Andre NollCreate a dynamic library.
2019-04-22 Andre Nolllopsub.7: Move installation instructions from man page...
2019-03-31 Andre Nolllopsub.7: Add NAME section.
2019-03-28 Andre NollImprove diagnostics of lls_check_arg_count().
2019-03-14 Andre Nollbuild: Honor the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard. v1.0.2
2019-03-14 Andre Nollbuild: Compress man pages.
2019-03-14 Andre Nollbuild: .a files do not need to be executable.
2019-03-14 Andre Nollbuild: Support DESTDIR.
2019-03-14 Andre Nollbuild: Provide target distclean.
2019-03-14 Andre Nollbuild: Activate ONESHELL.
2019-03-05 Andre Nolllls_parse_arg(): Don't free static memory.
2019-02-08 Andre NollAdd link to homepage.
2018-01-01 Andre Nolladd paragraph about required
2017-11-28 Andre Nollconfig_file.l: Make the scanner reentrant. v1.0.1
2017-11-28 Andre Nollconfig_file.l: Instruct flex to create a reentrant...
2017-11-28 Andre Nollconfig_file.l: Move helper functions to user code section.
2017-11-28 Andre Nollconfig_file.l: Change default prefix for global symbols.
2017-11-28 Andre Nollversion-gen.sh: Make it work in conflicted state.
2017-11-08 Andre NollFix bad grammar "allows <infinitive>".
2017-07-12 Andre Nolllopsub.c: Fix a NULL pointer dereference and a double...
2017-04-21 Andre NollAvoid warning about yywrap being redefined.
2016-10-23 Andre NollThe long option parser for subcommands (lopsub). v1.0.0