2013-12-01 Andre Nollbuild: Build para_client only if crypto lib was found.
2013-12-01 Andre Nollbuild: Create a separate section for para_server.
2013-12-01 Andre Nollbuild: Compute $all_errlist_objs.
2013-12-01 Andre Nollbuild: Replace $extras by per-executable variable.
2013-12-01 Andre Nollbuild: Remove two dead recipes from
2013-12-01 Andre Nollbuild: Remove check for buggy snprintf().
2013-12-01 Andre NollMerge branch 'maint'
2013-12-01 Andre Fix definition of recv_ldflags.
2013-12-01 Andre NollMerge branch 't/mood_cleanups'
2013-11-17 Andre NollMerge branch 'maint'
2013-11-17 Andre NollMerge branch 't/for-maint' into maint
2013-11-03 Andre NollMerge branch 'maint'
2013-10-27 Andre NollMerge branch 't/buffer_tree_improvements'
2013-10-13 Andre NollMerge branch 't/fork-safe-prng'
2013-10-13 Andre Nollmood: Deduplicate score formula.
2013-10-13 Andre Nollmood: Combine compute_num_played_score() and compute_la...
2013-10-13 Andre Nollmood: Don't open-code compute_dynamic_score().
2013-10-13 Andre Nollmood: Don't add files without valid information to...
2013-10-13 Andre Nollmood: Simplify compute_dynamic_score().
2013-10-13 Andre Nollmood.c: Remove unused int_log2().
2013-10-06 Andre NollMerge branch 't/audiod_cleanups'
2013-10-06 Andre Nollbuild: Fix --with-opus-libs.
2013-09-29 Andre Nollbtr: Simplify btr_node_status().
2013-09-29 Andre Nollbuffer_tree: Improve btr_splice_out_node().
2013-09-29 Andre NollMerge branch 't/misc_cleanups'
2013-09-24 Andre Nollcrypt: Add workaround for non-fork-safe PRGs.
2013-09-22 Andre Nollplay: Fix prev command.
2013-09-22 Andre Nollaudiod: Don't compute stat info unnecessarily.
2013-09-22 Andre Nollaudiod: Force status dump every 5 seconds.
2013-09-22 Andre Nollaudiod: Improve status timeout handling.
2013-09-22 Andre Nollaudiod: Reorder exit log messages a bit.
2013-09-22 Andre Nollaudiod: Fix memory leak on exit: stat client.
2013-09-22 Andre Nollaudiod: Fix memory leak on exit: gengetopt.
2013-09-22 Andre Nollaudiod: Fix memory leak on exit: close slots.
2013-09-22 Andre Nollaudiod: Unify startup messages of receivers, filters...
2013-09-22 Andre Nollaudiod: Print a warning if filters are ignored.
2013-09-22 Andre Nollaudiod: Remove pointless continue statement in com_stat().
2013-09-22 Andre Nollaudiod: Make command array static.
2013-09-22 Andre Nollaudiod: Fix error message on status errors.
2013-09-22 Andre NollMerge branch 'maint'
2013-09-22 Andre Nollbash_completion: Run client/audioc from PATH.
2013-09-22 Andre Nollconfigure: Print opus audio file handler if opus lib...
2013-09-22 Andre Nollbtr: splice-out fix.
2013-09-22 Andre Nollfecdec: Avoid fecdec output buffer overruns.
2013-09-22 Andre Nollvss: Avoid assertion "i == g->num_header_slices - 1".
2013-09-22 Andre Nollconfigure: Fix restoring LDFLAGS.
2013-09-11 Andre Nollerror.h: Fix typo in comment.
2013-09-11 Andre Nollamp: Downgrade level of log message.
2013-09-11 Andre Nollcommand: Make server_cmds[] and afs_cmds[] static.
2013-09-11 Andre NollDon't include $codename in ggo version string.
2013-09-11 Andre Nolldoc: Add man page of para_play to documentation web...
2013-09-04 Andre Nollbuffer_tree: Improve documentation of btr_no_parent().
2013-09-04 Andre NollAvoid gcc warning on FreeBSD.
2013-09-04 Andre Nollcommand.c: Avoid declaration after statement.
2013-09-04 Andre Nollextract_v4_addr(): Don't return a structure.
2013-09-04 Andre Nollcommand.c: Remove pointless initialization.
2013-09-04 Andre Nollcrypt.c: Remove condition which is always true.
2013-09-04 Andre Nollipc: Close proc fd.
2013-09-04 Andre NollMake log functions static.
2013-09-04 Andre Nollscore: Improve documentation of score_update().
2013-09-04 Andre NollGIT-VERSION-GEN: Don't include output of git update...
2013-08-23 Andre NollNEWS: Update download links to 0.5.0.
2013-08-23 Andre Nollreset version to 'git'
2013-08-23 Andre Nollparaslash 0.5.0 v0.5.0
2013-08-23 Andre NollMerge branch 't/web_improvements'
2013-08-23 Andre NollMerge branch 't/image-0.5'
2013-08-23 Andre Nolloverview.pdf: Fix overfull lines.
2013-08-23 Andre Nolltest suite: Change underscores to dashes also in tests...
2013-08-22 Andre NollChange all multi-word options to dashes instead of...
2013-08-22 Andre NollMerge branch 't/dia'
2013-08-21 Andre NollMerge remote-tracking branch 'refs/remotes/bthcx/master'
2013-08-21 Andre NollMerge branch 't/setatt_fnmatch'
2013-08-21 Andre NollFEATURES: Mention ogg/opus.
2013-08-20 Andre NollMerge branch 't/m4_deps'
2013-08-18 Andre Nollweb: Move menu down a bit.
2013-08-18 Andre Nollweb: Make image rule global.
2013-08-18 Andre NollReplace main page by NEWS.
2013-08-18 Andre NollNEWS: Replace "to be announced" text.
2013-08-18 Andre Nollweb: Add tarball and signature link of recent release...
2013-08-18 Andre Nollweb: Adjust sizes of monospace fonts.
2013-08-18 Andre Nollweb: Avoid gray area on gitweb page.
2013-08-18 Andre Nollweb: Move important parts of the style sheet to the...
2013-08-18 Andre Nollweb: Remove some duplicate rules in para.css.
2013-08-18 Andre Nollweb: Combine the two .css files.
2013-08-18 Andre Nollweb: Add header to gitweb and API reference sites.
2013-08-18 Andre Nollweb: Increase size of log messages and diffs.
2013-08-18 Andre Nollweb: Unify link colors.
2013-08-18 Andre Nollweb: Fix gitweb link on doxygen pages.
2013-08-18 Andre Nollweb: Unify <br> elements.
2013-08-18 Andre Nollweb: Remove valign tag in header files.
2013-08-18 Andre Nollweb: Further unify header.html, header2.html and gitweb...
2013-08-18 Andre Nollweb: Unify css rules for tables.
2013-08-18 Andre Nollweb: Remove horizontal line at the top of the page.
2013-08-18 Andre Nollweb: Remove style element in html.
2013-08-18 Andre Nollweb: Make the body selector of the two css files consis...
2013-08-18 Andre Nollweb: Use lower-case css selectors.
2013-08-18 Andre Nollweb: Increase font size.
2013-08-18 Andre Nollweb: css whitespace fixes.
2013-08-18 Andre Nollweb: Remove commented-out sections of css files.
2013-08-18 Andre Nollweb: Remove border="0" tag.