2020-10-15 Andre Nollosl-0.2.0. master
2020-10-15 Andre NollMerge branch 'refs/heads/t/sha3' into master
2020-09-23 Andre Nollbuild: Fix manual setting of CC.
2020-09-23 Andre Nollbuild: Don't set CC twice.
2020-09-23 Andre Nollbuild: Tell make(1) that the compiler creates .d files.
2020-09-23 Andre NollUpdate .gitignore.
2020-09-22 Andre Nollweb: Add style sheet.
2020-09-22 Andre Nollweb: Streamline INSTALL.
2020-09-22 Andre Nollweb: Simplify main page.
2020-09-22 Andre Nollweb: Let logo link to index.html rather than ".".
2020-09-22 Andre Nollweb: Don't duplicate the html header.
2020-09-22 Andre Nollweb: Get rid of doxygen.
2020-09-22 Andre Nollweb: Convert QUICK_START to markdown syntax.
2020-09-22 Andre Nollweb: Fix typo in README.
2020-09-12 Andre NollActivate -Wsign-compare.
2020-06-17 Andre NollVersion 3 tables.
2020-06-17 Andre NollAdd sha3 implementation, introduce version-2 tables.
2020-06-17 Andre NollPrepare hash_function() for multiple hash algorithms.
2020-06-17 Andre NollStore table version in struct osl_table.
2020-06-17 Andre NollInitialize column name hash *after* table version is...
2020-06-17 Andre Nollosl_open_table(): Remove pointless directory check.
2020-06-17 Andre NollRemove sha1.h.
2020-06-17 Andre NollRemove COMPAT_TABLE_VERSION.
2020-06-17 Andre Nollbuild: Deactivate implicit build make(1) rules.
2020-06-17 Andre Nollbuild: Mark files generated by lopsub as precious.
2020-06-17 Andre Nollbuild: Remove make(1) targets to build a static library.
2020-06-17 Andre Nollbuild: Combine make(1) targets osl_errors.h and osl.h.
2020-06-17 Andre Nollbuild: Make sure osl.h exists when we run the compiler.
2020-06-16 Andre NollDon't mention MacOS and Solaris in README and INSTALL.
2020-06-15 Andre NollMakefile: Also build osl.h by default.
2020-06-07 Andre Nollbuild: Add $(LDFLAGS) to rule for oslfsck.
2020-06-07 Andre Nollbuild: Prefix CFLAGS and friends with OSL_.
2020-06-07 Andre Nollbuild: Reorder make variables.
2020-06-07 Andre Nollbuild: Combine CFLAGS and LIBCFLAGS.
2020-06-07 Andre Nollbuild: Simplify LDFLAGS setting.
2020-06-07 Andre Nollbuild: Simplify Makefile.
2020-06-07 Andre Nollbuild: Drop support for SunOS and MacOS.
2020-06-07 Andre Nollbuild: Don't insist on gcc.
2020-06-07 Andre Nollbuild: Create dependencies on the fly.
2020-05-17 Andre NollNEWS: Fix two typos.
2020-05-16 Andre NollImprove documentation of osl_rbtree_loop().
2019-06-03 Andre NollMerge branch 'refs/heads/t/lopsub'
2019-05-05 Andre NollMerge branch 'refs/heads/t/build'
2019-02-13 Andre NollAdd explanation about lifetime of table description.
2019-02-13 Andre NollAdd link to author homepage.
2017-04-19 Andre Nollbuild: Fix dependencies for oslfsck.
2017-04-11 Andre NollConvert oslfsck to lopsub.
2016-09-19 Andre Nollosl-0.1.3. v0.1.3
2016-07-28 Andre NollINSTALL: Explain how to update the library cache on...
2016-07-28 Andre NollREADME: Remove duplicate "network".
2016-07-28 Andre NollConvert README and INSTALL to markdown.
2016-06-04 Andre Nollweb: Create man page with groff rather than man2html.
2016-06-04 Andre Nollsha1: Make private functions static.
2016-02-25 Andre Nollweb: Update Doxyfile.
2016-02-03 Andre Nollweb: Switch to UTF-8 encoding.
2016-01-13 Andre Nollweb: Fix gibweb link.
2015-12-17 Andre NollAdd make target www.
2015-10-13 Andre Nollweb: Remove SSI for last modification in footer.html.
2015-10-13 Andre NollExplain the osl_strerror dance.
2015-08-24 Andre NollFix comment on SHA1 implementation.
2015-06-13 Andre Nollosl_get_nth_row(): Always initialize result pointer.
2015-02-18 Andre NollSilence a gcc warning.
2015-02-18 Andre Nollosl_update_object(): Honor OSL_DONT_FREE.
2015-02-18 Andre NollMention that OSL_RBTREE implies OSL_UNIQUE.
2015-02-18 Andre Nollhlt.c: Clarify description.
2015-02-18 Andre NollMinor API documentation improvements.
2015-02-18 Andre Nollosl.c: Fix assertion in create_table_index().
2015-02-18 Andre Nollrbtree.c: Remove unused rb_replace_node().
2014-08-19 Andre NollUpdate URLs and email addresses.
2014-08-11 Andre NollInstall relative links to the soname.
2014-08-11 Andre NollImprove documentation of the data_size field.
2014-01-14 Andre Nollosl-0.1.2. maint v0.1.2
2014-01-14 Andre NollFix adu link.
2012-06-13 Andre NollAdd shared target.
2012-06-13 Andre NollAllow to build a static version of libosl.
2011-01-22 Andre Nollinit_rbtrees(): Fix initialization of volatile objects.
2011-01-22 Andre NollSimplify __log().
2011-01-22 Andre NollClarify documentation of osl_table_description->dir.
2011-01-22 Andre NollMakefile: Remove unused uname_rs.
2010-11-21 Andre Nollhlt: Fix typo in comment.
2010-01-15 Andre NollFix creation of zero-sized disk storage objects.
2009-11-26 Andre Nollosl-0.1.1 v0.1.1
2009-11-25 Andre NollSplit install target.
2009-11-23 Andre NollINSTALL update.
2009-11-20 Andre NollDrop dependency on openssl.
2009-11-05 Andre NollDon't use ?:= for setting PREFIX.
2009-11-02 Andre NollSet CC to gcc by default.
2009-11-02 Andre NollCapitalize prefix variable.
2009-08-21 Andre NollMacOs Fixes.
2009-08-04 Andre Noll[Makefile]: Also create bindir and mandir on install. v0.1.0
2009-08-03 Andre NollREADME: Clarify red-black tree statements.
2009-08-02 Andre NollThe fsck program is called oslfsck rather than osl_fsck.
2009-08-02 Andre NollImprove table versioning.
2009-08-01 Andre NollRemove unnecessary $O from gengetopt target.
2009-08-01 Andre NollMerge commit 'fml/master'
2009-08-01 Andre NollInstall executables using mode 755.
2009-07-27 Andre NollAdd subject=[osl] to the mailto link.
2009-07-27 Andre NollAdd the osl logo.
2009-07-27 Andre NollREADME: Trivial typo fix.
2009-07-27 Andre NollChange the osl slogan.