2022-05-30 Andre NollRevert "Makefile: Fix compilation after header removal."
2022-05-26 Andre Nollmood.c: Improve documentation of reload_current_mood().
2022-05-18 Andre NollRemove E_PERM.
2022-05-18 Andre NollMakefile: Fix compilation after header removal.
2022-05-18 Andre NollAdd test to check whether empty mood arguments are...
2022-05-17 Andre NollMinor log severity adjustments.
2022-05-16 Andre Nollserver: Early vss shutdown for command handlers.
2022-05-14 Andre NollMerge branch 'maint'
2022-04-04 Andre NollMerge branch 'maint'
2022-03-28 Andre Nollafh: Limit chunk numbers to 32 bit.
2022-03-28 Andre Nollaudiod: Stop stream immediately when being switched...
2022-03-27 Andre Nollserver: Fix memory leak at exit.
2022-03-27 Andre Nollvss: Reset afhi.chunks_total on eof.
2022-03-24 Andre Nollafs.c: Improve documentation of callback_query.
2022-03-24 Andre Nollafs.c: Improve documentation of activate_mood_or_playli...
2022-03-24 Andre Nollafs.c: Replace underscore by space in log message text.
2022-03-24 Andre Nollafs.c: Improve documentation of score table.
2022-03-24 Andre Nollscore.c: Don't try to document possible error codes.
2022-03-24 Andre Nollscore.c: Remove pointless comments.
2022-03-24 Andre Nollscore.c: Improve documentation of score_compare().
2022-03-24 Andre Nollscore.c: Shorten documentation of get_score_of_row().
2022-03-24 Andre Nollattribute.c: De-doxify static functions.
2022-03-24 Andre NollMerge branch 'maint'
2022-03-23 Andre Nollafs: Update dummy mood assumptions to reflect the reality.
2022-03-13 Andre Nollcom_ls(): Drop "audio file table syntax error" messsage.
2022-03-12 Andre Nollaac_afh: Be more lenient about zero sized reads.
2022-03-12 Andre Nollparaslash 0.7.0 v0.7.0
2022-03-12 Andre NollMerge branch 'refs/heads/t/logo'
2022-03-12 Andre Nollmood.c: Fix memory leak in error path of load_mood().
2022-03-12 Andre NollMerge branch 'maint'
2022-03-12 Andre Nollcom_addatt(): Fix memory leak.
2022-03-12 Andre Nollmood.c: Fix memory leak in change_current_mood().
2022-03-12 Andre Nollmp.c: Fix memory leak on parse errors.
2022-03-12 Andre Nollserver: Loglevel adjustments for shutdown path.
2022-03-11 Andre NollReject empty mood arguments.
2022-02-24 Andre NollMerge tag 'v0.6.4'
2022-02-21 Andre NollMerge branch 'refs/heads/t/sha256'
2022-02-14 Andre Nollaudiod: Avoid delay in status transition from standby...
2022-02-10 Andre Nollweb: Add horizontal space between table columns.
2022-02-10 Andre Nollweb: Clean up style sheet.
2022-02-10 Andre Nollweb: Avoid bold face on main page.
2022-02-10 Andre Nollweb: Add padding to all pages.
2022-02-10 Andre Nollweb: Move navigation into top level table.
2022-02-10 Andre Nollweb: Link to "./index.html" rather than to ".".
2022-02-10 Andre Nollweb: Remove selected APIs page.
2022-02-10 Andre Nollweb: Avoid "integrated" in feature list of main page.
2022-02-10 Andre Nollweb: Shorten slogan.
2022-02-10 Andre Nollweb: The new logo for paraslash-0.7.
2022-02-10 Andre Nollmanual: Avoid vertical space between coding style items.
2022-02-10 Andre NollMerge branch 'refs/heads/t/rm_v1_moods'
2022-01-03 Andre NollUpdate copyright year.
2022-01-03 Andre NollMerge branch 'refs/heads/t/rm_task_subcmd'
2022-01-01 Andre Nollweb: Add Download link for master tarballs.
2021-12-04 Andre Nollmanual: Avoid sha1.
2021-11-28 Andre NollMerge branch 'refs/heads/t/ubsan'
2021-11-25 Andre Nolldaemon: Improve documentation of daemon_set_log_color_o...
2021-11-22 Andre NollMerge branch 'refs/heads/t/duration-keyword'
2021-11-20 Andre Nollerror.h: Document the error code enumeration.
2021-11-20 Andre Nollcommand.c: Remove unused includes.
2021-11-18 Andre NollMerge branch 'refs/heads/t/score-formula'
2021-11-15 Andre NollMerge branch 'refs/heads/t/list-cleanups'
2021-11-14 Andre Nolli9e: Fix typo: s/ie9/i9e.
2021-11-09 Andre Nollupgrade_db: Add copyright and purpose to upgrade_db.c.
2021-11-07 Andre NollRemove unused error code E_OGG_STREAM_FLUSH.
2021-11-07 Andre Nollweb: Fix typo on documentation page.
2021-11-07 Andre NollMerge branch 'refs/heads/t/writer_improvements'
2021-11-07 Andre Nollweb: Add link to the para_upgrade_db(1) man page.
2021-11-06 Andre Nollweb: Fix internal link to manual.
2021-11-04 Andre Nollparaslash 0.6.4
2021-11-04 Andre Nollparaslash 0.6.4 v0.6.4
2021-11-04 Andre NollMerge branch 'maint'
2021-11-04 Andre Nollparaslash 0.5.9
2021-11-01 Andre Nollcommand.c: Make aux_info_cb() static.
2021-10-27 Andre Nollstring: Remove malloc attribute from para_realloc().
2021-10-21 Andre Nollalsa_write: Avoid spurious underrun warnings.
2021-10-21 Andre NollTeach writers to abort gracefully on early EOF.
2021-10-21 Andre Nollalsa_write: Simplify alsa_post_select().
2021-10-21 Andre Nollafs: Switch to sha256 and change default database path.
2021-10-21 Andre NollAdd para_upgrade_db.
2021-10-21 Andre NollUse sha256 for the challenge response.
2021-10-21 Andre NollIntroduce hash2 (sha256).
2021-10-21 Andre NollAssume sideband and aes_ctr128 are always supported...
2021-10-21 Andre Nollclient_common: Improve documentation of client_{pre...
2021-10-21 Andre Nollcompress: Demote log level of clip message.
2021-10-10 Andre Nollmood: Make "duration" a new keyword for the mood grammar.
2021-10-09 Andre NollRemove ->fd of struct audio file data.
2021-10-09 Andre Nollaudiod: Use para_malloc().
2021-09-29 Andre Nollsync_filter: Silence noisy warning.
2021-09-29 Andre Nollafs: Improve error diagnostics if no admissible files...
2021-09-29 Andre Nollplay: Avoid gcc warning when compiling without readline.
2021-09-29 Andre Nollserver: Wait for command handler exit also when afs...
2021-09-29 Andre Nollvss: Avoid double free on exit.
2021-09-29 Andre Nollvss: Handle empty chunk groups gracefully.
2021-09-29 Andre Nollupd sender: Don't send FEC EOF from command handler...
2021-09-23 Andre NollNew configure option: --enable-ubsan.
2021-08-30 Andre Nollafh: Avoid memory leak at exit.
2021-08-30 Andre Nollaac_afh: Fix check of return value of mp4ff_meta_update().
2021-08-30 Andre Nollcom_jmp(): Handle negative values gracefully.
2021-08-30 Andre Nollserver.c: Fix double "the" in comment.
2021-08-30 Andre NollMerge branch 'maint'