manual: Remove outdated sentence about para_afh.
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2014-01-09 Andre Nollmanual: Remove outdated sentence about para_afh.
2014-01-09 Andre Nollmanual: Add description of ogg/opus.
2014-01-09 Andre Nollmanual: Improve troubleshooting section.
2014-01-03 Andre Nollmanual: Minor filter text improvement.
2013-12-20 Andre NollMerge branch 't/build_system_overhaul'
2013-12-01 Andre Nollmanual: Move crypt library to the list of optional...
2013-12-01 Andre NollMerge branch 'maint'
2013-11-17 Andre NollMerge branch 'maint'
2013-11-03 Andre NollMerge branch 'maint'
2013-09-29 Andre NollMerge branch 't/misc_cleanups'
2013-09-22 Andre NollMerge branch 'maint'
2013-09-11 Andre Nolldoc: Add man page of para_play to documentation web...
2013-08-23 Andre NollMerge branch 't/web_improvements'
2013-08-23 Andre NollMerge branch 't/image-0.5'
2013-08-23 Andre Nolloverview.pdf: Fix overfull lines.
2013-08-22 Andre NollChange all multi-word options to dashes instead of...
2013-08-22 Andre NollMerge branch 't/dia'
2013-08-18 Andre Nollweb: Move menu down a bit.
2013-08-18 Andre Nollweb: Make image rule global.
2013-08-18 Andre NollReplace main page by NEWS.
2013-08-18 Andre Nollweb: Adjust sizes of monospace fonts.
2013-08-18 Andre Nollweb: Avoid gray area on gitweb page.
2013-08-18 Andre Nollweb: Move important parts of the style sheet to the...
2013-08-18 Andre Nollweb: Remove some duplicate rules in para.css.
2013-08-18 Andre Nollweb: Combine the two .css files.
2013-08-18 Andre Nollweb: Add header to gitweb and API reference sites.
2013-08-18 Andre Nollweb: Increase size of log messages and diffs.
2013-08-18 Andre Nollweb: Unify link colors.
2013-08-18 Andre Nollweb: Fix gitweb link on doxygen pages.
2013-08-18 Andre Nollweb: Unify <br> elements.
2013-08-18 Andre Nollweb: Remove valign tag in header files.
2013-08-18 Andre Nollweb: Further unify header.html, header2.html and gitweb...
2013-08-18 Andre Nollweb: Unify css rules for tables.
2013-08-18 Andre Nollweb: Remove horizontal line at the top of the page.
2013-08-18 Andre Nollweb: Remove style element in html.
2013-08-18 Andre Nollweb: Make the body selector of the two css files consis...
2013-08-18 Andre Nollweb: Use lower-case css selectors.
2013-08-18 Andre Nollweb: Increase font size.
2013-08-18 Andre Nollweb: css whitespace fixes.
2013-08-18 Andre Nollweb: Remove commented-out sections of css files.
2013-08-18 Andre Nollweb: Remove border="0" tag.
2013-08-18 Andre Nollweb: Don't set border, cellpadding and cellspacing.
2013-08-18 Andre Nollweb: Remove basefont tag.
2013-08-18 Andre Nollweb: Remove explanation of the paraslash acronym.
2013-08-17 Andre NollMerge branch 't/remove_sb_compat'
2013-07-29 Andre Nollparaslash 0.4.13 v0.4.13
2013-07-06 Andre NollMerge branch 't/opus'
2013-07-01 Andre NollMerge branch 't/versioning_improvements'
2013-06-22 Andre NollMerge branch 't/interactive'
2013-06-18 Andre NollImprove text on the download web page.
2013-06-16 Andre NollMerge branch 't/compress'
2013-06-13 Andre NollMerge branch 't/oss_error_message_fix'
2013-06-11 Andre NollMerge branch 't/stdin_stdout_fixes'
2013-06-07 Andre NollMerge branch 't/gui_improvements'
2013-06-07 Andre NollOverview: Add new slides, powered by dia.
2013-05-28 Andre NollThe overwhelming new logo for paraslash.0.5.
2013-05-25 Andre NollMerge branch 't/doc'
2013-05-18 Andre NollMerge branch 't/sched_improvements'
2013-05-14 Andre NollMerge branch 't/utf8'
2013-05-04 Andre Nollmanual: Add a new paragraph for installing dependencies.
2013-05-04 Andre Nollmanual: Add missing references of two optional packages.
2013-05-02 Andre NollMerge branch 't/allow_zero_btr_add'
2013-04-06 Andre Nollmanual: Don't try to enumerate audio formats.
2013-02-10 Andre NollSwitch to HTF-8 for web pages.
2012-12-20 Andre Nollparaslash 0.4.12 v0.4.12
2012-12-16 Andre NollMerge branch 't/resample'
2012-12-02 Andre NollMerge branch 't/afh_receiver'
2012-11-25 Andre NollMerge branch 't/osx_writer_improvements'
2012-11-18 Andre Nollpara_play, infrastructure.
2012-11-18 Andre NollThe afh receiver, documentation.
2012-11-18 Andre NollMerge branch 't/filter_parse_config_cleanup'
2012-11-04 Andre NollMerge branch 't/fade_improvements'
2012-10-07 Andre Nollfade: Add the ALSA mixer implementation.
2012-08-26 Andre NollMerge branch 't/releases_branch'
2012-07-28 Andre Nollweb: Rename tarball download directory.
2012-07-20 Andre Nollparaslash 0.4.11 v0.4.11
2012-03-30 Andre Nollparaslash 0.4.10 v0.4.10
2012-03-18 Andre NollMerge branch 't/t0004_fix'
2012-03-15 Andre Nollmanual: Explain how to compile from git.
2012-02-18 Andre NollMerge branch 't/write_consolidation'
2012-01-30 Andre NollMerge commit '1678ee'
2012-01-21 Andre NollFix a typo in the manual.
2012-01-10 Andre NollMerge branch 't/web_fix'
2012-01-06 Andre NollMake web pages conform to the HTML standard again.
2011-12-24 Andre NollMerge remote-tracking branch 's/master'
2011-12-06 Andre Nollweb: Fix year in release announcement.
2011-12-06 Andre Nollparaslash 0.4.9 v0.4.9
2011-12-04 Andre NollMerge branch 't/interactive'
2011-11-29 Andre NollMerge branch 't/flac'
2011-11-20 Andre NollDocument interactive sessions and add link to libreadline.
2011-11-20 Andre NollMerge branch 't/recv_improvements'
2011-11-16 Andre NollMerge branch 't/makefile_cleanups'
2011-11-13 Andre Nolldoc: Add flac documentation to manual and FEATURES.
2011-11-06 Andre NollMerge branch 't/alsa_improvements'
2011-11-06 Andre NollMerge branch 't/t0004'
2011-11-02 Andre Nollweb: Rework text on download page.
2011-08-19 Andre Nollparaslash 0.4.8 v0.4.8
2011-08-13 Andre NollMerge branch 't/smaller_tarball'
2011-08-13 Andre NollMerge branch 't/timing_improvements'
2011-08-13 Andre NollMerge branch 't/sched_improvements'